- Visit Of The Wreck -

How Much Longer Will She Make It - the "American Star" ..?

Once again: The Explorer Team at the Playa de Garcey ...

Here again: At The Playa de Garcey ...

This time, it is really sad. From the first moment, after the bend of the dirt road, when she becomes somewhat visible across the bay. And then when the "entire" ship gradually appears since year one: Now, she is undeniably lying slanted as a stranded ghost ship in her bay - despite today´s sunshine, hearts of those who have known her for a while are heavy.

As so often, we are again at the scene of the sad happenings of Fuerteventura´s west coast - in front of us the world-famous wreck in her "new" position - sharply shortened and sharply reduced. As we already know since the end of last year, not only the back smokestack is missing by now but also a huge part of the forecastle´s "stern" facing seaside. There are the three prominent masts on the wreck´s front, all right; however, their disappearance is only a matter of time when watching the ocean during the menacing incoming tide.

For about a week, we will stay in the vicinity and distant environment of the American Star, will visit her numerous times, and will compile once again what should possibly be compiled in the beginning of this year ...


What have we planned? Well, to go on board as one of our readers intended to do a couple of days ago? Obviously, it is more a matter of being able to than wanting to - and he will obviously have a tough time to realize his plans. These days in February 2006, access to the wreck seems to be only for somebody on a suicide mission - let alone the restrictions we already mentioned in the first part of our reporting.

Well, unfortunately, we will undeniably never be able to get on board of this phantom lying in front of us. And therefore, we have different plans for our current visit: Of course, we like to study and observe the present condition of the wreck several times during the next few days and document it over the course of time. Then we like to pay our respect to the American Star considering the advanced condition of the decline and we like to arrange a "Fiesta de Cometas" - a small private kite fest at the Playa de Garcey - even if it is only symbolic and with a few of our kites of which we have plenty in our luggage during this trip - the same as in previous years ...

February 2006: A final visit at the "American Star?"

During this week, another trip will lead us to Puerto del Rosario where we finally want to visit the premises that became famous with the wreck´s interior furnishing after the ship´s running aground in the year of 1994. Together with other memorabilia of the ship, there is a significant collection of "relics" of the American Star that should not be withheld from the fans of the world-famous wreck.

Last but not least, we like to deal with some of the criminal doings happening around the wreck by now - especially in regards to vehicles of unsuspecting tourists. Together with another project of the island - we will have a separate report in the magazine - the Explorer Team will once again have a jam-packed schedule during the few days they have at their disposal this time ...

February 2006: And Once Again A Visit At The American Star - Will It Be The Last This Time ..?

Visitor with bike ... ... and with RV... By now, lying slanted ... ...and the ocean is rolling relentlessly up to her deck ... How much longer will she make it ..?

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