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A Final Fiesta ...

A final "Fiesta de Cometas" ...We published plenty of reading material in our previous reports regarding the American Star. Since our last edition, we have received a lot of mail as usual. We thought about the mail during our recent stay on the island: The interest in this famous shipwreck is simply unbelievable .

This and also our growing relationship with the ship during the past years seem to make it even sadder that the wreck obviously faces her collapse.

This is an opportunity for us to think about a final "tribute" within our means: Since we use each stay on the island for a private "kite festival" for years - called a "Fiesta de Cometas" in Spanish - why this time should we not say farewell to "our" wreck this way?

Therefore we planned a final "Fiesta de Cometas" at the Playa de Garcey and we return again but this time with all our kites; even though, we will surely only use a small selection on the summit across the American Star.

This day, we start a couple of our exemplars during the strong wind, say hello to the wreck and to all our many readers interested in the future destiny of the American Star ...

Kites ready .? The "Jumping Wheel" is here as well ... ... attached to the Nissan, you can start it ... ... even though the wind can strongly pull it up here ...
Lights and shades ... Wind turbines above the "American Star" Farewell from the ship's grave ...


I have the American Star on my desktop and as a poster with a surfer because I am surfing myself. I have never seen the wreck but I was fascinated by it right from the beginning. Therefore, I started to research since I only knew that she was off Fuerteventura and I found your website. Really, really awesome! Big complement.

I was quite shocked by the current photographs. Hopefully, she will hang on a little longer because I like to see her in person at least once. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to fly to Fuerteventura with my apprenticeship salary (I am only 17). I hope for positive reports throughout the winter.

Kind regards,

Dear Explorer Team,

I really enjoy visiting your great website about the American Star again and again. In June 1993, I myself saw the ship and was very impressed.

Yesterday, I read with dismay about the ship´s bad condition and also heard about the storm raging there for a couple of days. My anxious question: Do you have any information whether the American Star still exists? I would really appreciate any information via e-mail or via your website.

R. Pfeiffer

Hello Explorer Team!

By the way . this webpage is "super informative", exciting, and the lavishly made pictures are worth seeing. We were on Fuerte until November 11, 2005 and visited the American Star. We were so thrilled that we went there again with our equipment the very next day at 7:00 am to swim to the ship. Unfortunately, it was too dangerous due to high waves even during low tide. Therefore, we took many good photographs and made a film as well. If there is any interest, you can get our e-mail address through the Explorer Magazin Team. We hope that the remaining part of the American Star will hang on for a long time despite the approaching storm season.

Christian and Marion from Munich


I came across your website when I wanted to recommend the American Star to a Fuerte fan . Now fascination has turned into shock. You always think everything stays the same forever. Especially, since it happened so fast now (within two to three weeks?!, if I heard it correctly).

It is really too bad for that old girl. (. when a piece of history drowns .) I am always really sorry.

Irina Mumm

P.S.: If there are pictures after the storm, I really like to know whether there is something left of her or not.

Awesome, that you provided another update. We were at the Playa de Garcey shortly before "Delta" when she was already pretty slanted. Unfortunately, after Delta we did not have another opportunity to take a look for ourselves. Therefore, we were even happier finding your very interesting and informative website.

Kind regards,
Anne Lawson

Hello Explorer Team!

I have a couple of photographs from the American Star from August 2005. I was on Fuerteventura with my wife during our honeymoon. I must say that the American Star was very impressive lying in the bay. Unfortunately, by now I have seen many pictures and read several reports stating that the American Star is capsizing. Apparently, she did not survive the strong storm without damages. The smokestack, unfortunately, is not visible anymore. Otherwise, I think your website is great!

I think it is super that you can learn more about the ship´s prehistory. In any case, I will visit your website more often to search for news. If you are interested in a couple of pictures from August 2005 from the American Star, please let me know.

Manuel Rodegro

Salute to the wreck and our readers ...


A few years ago, I watched two 45 minutes long reports on TV (I do not remember the TV station) about the "SS America", later "American Star". The first one talked about the history of the ship from the launch to the dry dock in Piraeus; the second part about the running aground of the ship and the activities of fortune hunters taking for instance larger pieces from the wreck using a self built carjack (to be partly seen in the bar "Naufragio" in Puerto).

Now my question: Did anybody maybe see those reports and possibly taped those? Thank you very much in advance for your help.

M. Weiers

Hello Explorermagazin Team!

To begin the new year with the most current photographs, here is a small collection from today, January 8, 2006. The only photograph that is not new is the aerial shot from October 2004; however, you can easily see what lies in the water behind the still standing bow.

Yesterday, we were at the ship and at the moment it looks like that she will not capsize in a hurry. But who knows, maybe tomorrow she will be gone. You cannot look inside. I took the aerial shot (and a few more) myself. We flew with Johannes Goebel who provided your website with a couple photographs.

Kind regards,

Hello everybody!

Here is photograph in the FC that I found through your website. Your website is very interesting, awesome.


Hello everybody!

Thank you very much for your great website! After consuming it, it was obvious: during my next vacation on Fuerte, I HAVE to go to the American Star! I have done so now and I am very happy about it: As slanted as the wreck is by now, it might have been one of the last opportunities.

As a little "Thank You," enclosed please find a couple of current photographs from December 31, 2005 (you can publish them, too).

Kind regards,
Juergen Diez


I read your website with interest. I was on Fuerte for the end of the year and took this picture (among others) of the American Star on December 26, 2005. In case you do not have countless photographs better that this, you can post this one.


P.S.: It is true, she seems to capsize soon. :-(

Hi Explorer Team!

My name is Mathias (17) from the Hanseatic city of Stralsund. My photograph is from February 7, 2006. I visited this impressive wreck with my girlfriend and her parents. My girlfriend read something about the ship to me that already immensely impressed me. Somebody wrote that it is forbidden to drive through the military zone. We saw the sign but it did not matter to us since we did not find another way. Of course, it was only suitable for a jeep like we had. When we reached the highest point and saw the ship in the distance, it was an awesome sight.

The dirt road to there through the waterless riverbed was like a rally. Very exiting. When we finally reached this beach, we were presented a scene that I will never forget. I have never seen anything like this. I was so fascinated, that I had to start a research to find out how the ship had gotten there. Today, I found your website that answered all my questions. I think all the pictures are awesome.

I would have loved to climb up there to find out more about the whole wreck. But I can imagine that it is really really dangerous as you have already reported. I hope you can use the photograph . In my opinion, the ship´s wall turned further inward at the breakpoint. It would be great if you could use the photograph.

Could you please answer a question? I did not completely understand what had happened with the stern. Could you please provide me with some information? I really appreciate that. I thought about making a speech in school since I am totally fascinated by the ship.

Have a lot of fun! We hope that she will hang on for a long time.


This is a little selection of the reader's mail that we received between the end of 2005 and our new trip to the wreck. Of course, we will publish your news and reactions regarding the American Star in the future so that we will remain current in the future.

And what did we do at the end of our last visit at the wreck? After we packed our kites, it was time to say goodbye: We placed a bottle of Spanish wine on our Nissan's hood as well as some local delicacies while the waves were continuously crashing onto the "stern" of our wreck (click on the pictures below).

Obviously, we toasted one more time to the wreck after the meal when the "neighboring" bay was deserted again. We hope that this was not the final meal ...

The ocean does not even take a brake during the festivities ... The final meal is prepared ...

A farewell Tempranillo for the "American Star."  Good luck to you!

Note by the editor: The wine Yllera Tempranillo from Castile & Leon - bought last minute - turned out to be pretty tasty and was of course added to our magazine´s wine cellar ...

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English Translation: Britta Schaa, Venice Florida