Special Edition CD "AMERICAN STAR" and Video

Often, we receive questions from our readers regarding our most favorite wreck that seems to have fans all over the world. Do you have more about the American Star? Are there more details? Is there anything I can give somebody interested in the wreck as a gift or with whom I visited the wreck ..?

Now, we do have a comprehensive report in the Magazin; however, you cannot give this to anybody as a gift. What can you do? We have an answer: You can give somebody the "Special Edition CD AMERICAN STAR". Simple, and that somebody will enjoy it!

The special edition: A collection of reports about the famous shipwreck that we have been collecting in our Magazin so far.

As it was recognized by our many readers, the Explorer Magazin is a real mine of information for everybody who want to find out more about the wreck off the coast of western Fuerteventura.

You find several extras on our CD that you cannot find in the Magazin: For instance, you will find additional creations regarding "Art At The Wreck" and photos of the Playa de Garcey and the wreck. 

Our film DVD: Tribute to an Old Girl ...A further treat only available on the CD is a piece about the book "SS AMERICA" with two additional original articles by Bill Lee about the "smokestacks." Also, you will only find the "Guided Tour" on the CD helpful in navigating through the most important reports on the CD.

As announced before it is now available! Our video from November 2007 around the American Star: It is a film about the ship and the "final countdown" on a DVD. 

"Tribute to an Old Girl" is the title of our 30 minutes video (in German and English version on one DVD), which contains material from the helicopter flight during our "mission" in february 2007 and shots of the last big storm in March 2007 which was responsible for the final breakdown of the wreck ...

And of course there is a double pack available as well with special conditions: The Special Edition CD "AMERICAN STAR" together with the video DVD "TRIBUTE TO AN OLD GIRL" - donīt hesitate to contact us!

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