Visit 2007: The "Mission" ...

And Again: The Explorer Team At The Playa De Garcey ...

This time: Also above the wreck .

We planned this for a long time: Since it is highly unlikely to get directly on board, we like to visit as close as possible and that means via helicopter. During our ten-day visit on the island this year, we wanted to realize our plans. Christian Niehoff and his HELITOURS S.L. recommended himself to do such excursions not only by his sensational photographs from last year. We wanted to try this.

As well, we also planned a meeting: Nobody else but Dirk Evers who was already onboard and at the American Star should accompany us during this tour with his life partner Heidi. That would provide him with the possibility to finally spend some time above the ship and her remainders - probably a welcome change!

Of course, we wanted to look for treasure: Not to sell it like others do but to preserve memories of the ship and her diverse history and maybe to keep them save from the eBay vultures.

There should be sufficient variety during this trip: But we hardly need to mention that we will drive with our rented Defender on several dirt roads that we already explored in the last couple of years - also the kites should not miss out during this excursion - after all, this is still the kite paradise Fuerteventura ..!                         

And again: Art at the wreck .

February 2007: Visit Of The Leftovers - She is still there, the American Star .

Much lost . Flowers for the old lady . Shots ... The approach . . shows extensive destruction .

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