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Fuerteventura: Welcome to the "American Star"

As acknowledged by many readers, the Explorer Magazin has become a true source of information for everybody taking a closer look at the wreck on Fuerteventura´s west coast.

As a result, we decided to gather the most important reports about the legendary ship from our magazine on a special webpage.

Enjoy plenty of fascinating information and enjoy yourselves.
Your Explorer Team 

Navy "History" etc.

Offroad/Outdoor- and other tours

Do you want to publish your travel description here? Send us your article and some pictures!  

Expedition vehicles

Outdoor activities

  • GPS navigation
  • CB radio
  • Kites
  • Boats
  • and so on ...

Our DCP (Degree Confluence Project) visits:

 Products for offroaders

  • pickup campers
  • hardtops
  • offroad trailers: e.g. the "Oryx"
  • ...

 Our services for you

  • touring information
  • upload GPS coordinates
  • outdoor cooking recipes
  • camping sites in Europe
  • reports, as Red Bull Off Road 24Hours ´99 in Pilsen (June 99)
  • and so on ...

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This website is only available in German language. But if you want a (most time funny!) automatic translation you can read the magazine under control of the Google translator.

Start the Explorer Magazine in English and enjoy ...

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