Red Bull Off Road 24Hours ´99 Pilsen 08.05. - 09.05.99

We received the following email from Evzen Vanek, Pilsen, who visited us in Bad Kissingen - Thanks again, Evzen!

Hello Juergen,

I hope your exhibition activities at Aero-Plasts "Hausmesse" were successful. I send you some pictures from the 24 hours Off Road rally with a short description. I used a digital Kodak DC220 camera. The only thing I have done with the pictures was that I set a higher JPEG compression ratio and slightly reduced the dimensions to save the transfer data capacity. The race took place in a former army training area near Pilsen. My favorite off road terrain.

Now back to the story:


Type of event - Closed circuit Rally
Place - Dobrany at Pilsen
Date - May 8th - 9th , 1999

The goal of the each crew is to accomplish the maximum number of circuits driven without a break - meaning 24hrs non-stop. The number of pull-ups is unlimited the same as the time period in the depot. It is prohibited to drive off the raceway or to damage it´s lay out. All repairs must be done just in the depot for safety reasons. The winner is the one who rides out the most full curcuits. In case two or more crews accomplish equal amount of laps, the length of time is crucial.

Here are basic conditions to participate:

  • Four - wheel drive vehicle up to 3,500 kg of weight
  • Safety frame (cage - necessary for open topped vehicles, recommended for closed vehicles)
  • Standard safety seat belts
  • Helmets - necessary for both members of crew during the whole race
  • 2 - 3 crews (4 - 6 persons) entering for a race with one vehicle - no difference between driver and co-driver

There were 37 racing teams this year including one German and one Ukraine team. Results:

1st. place: Tiskárna Macík, number 76, Jeep CJ7/Nissan 2.8TD (88 rounds)
2nd. place: Schrott Car Team, number 37, Toyota LandCruiser 70, 2.4TD (87 rounds)
3rd. place: Obnova staveb Kuelka, number 20, Nissan Patrol GR, 2.8TD (83 rounds)

The winner has passed 88 complete rounds (8 km each). They drive special car assembled form the Nissan Patrol chassis and engine and the JeepCJ7 body. The participants had to face rough weather conditions. From sun to heavy rain, from dust to deep mud. It is said that this is the most difficult off road race in Europe and it really is. About 10 000 people came to Dobrany to watch the 24 hour off road event. A lot of them stayed with the racing teams through the whole night.

German racing team emerging from the narrow terrain pass The winner: Jeep body with Nissan turbo diesel
Special off road buggy going down the slope Lost expectations
Not all wheels had to stay on the ground Tired and still an hour to go
German team on their way Go, jeeps, go!

German off road team - obviously the biggest racing car

So have a nice time. I hope the files come in a good shape.

Best regards,
Evzen Vanek

© Text/Pictures 1999 Evzen Vanek