USS West Point:

In Memory ...


Some Comments ...

  • Many thank's for the very touching tribute to an extremely proud ship, and all those who sailed in Her.
    I feel honored to have had been a part of the team of shipbuilders who built and brought Her to life back in 1940.
    Neil Woodall
    Newport News Shipbuilding Co. (retired)
  • I thank you for holding the memorial service in the past, and for the lovely video tribute to the men and the ship.
    Meredith West
  • From the people of USA, thanks for such a moving video and tribute to a once beautiful,
    proud ship and the sailors and soldiers who sailed on her.
    We are loosing our WWII veterans at about 1500 a day.
    Thank God for the men of the greatest gereration (CSM)
  • I have followed the saga of the West Point through my friend and classmate, Bill Lee.
    Your video tribute is lovely - a very thoughtful dignified farewell - and most deserved by the men you have honored -
    Many thanks,
    Sudie Stultz
  • Very sad, but nice tribute. Good job.
    Jerry Lester
    Newport News Shipbuilding, retired
  • Thank you.
    Adrienne Koppenhaver
  • I was overwhelmed and humbled by what Sixta created, using my limited suggestions.
    I cannot thank both of you enough.
    Bill Lee
  • Excellent! Many thanks for posting. My late Grandad spent a few months aboard her, late `41 / early `42.
    Sadly, I`ve never managed to get over there to see the wreck (MoB)
  • I think your tribute to the USS WEST POINT was excellent and I thank you for remembering her.
    God Bless those who went before.
    Best wishes from Bill Lee's brother
    Howard Lee