GPS 12XL Vs. 4.0: 

Eine Email an GARMIN ...

Dear Sirs,

I am an enthusiastic user of my GPS 45 XL for my off-road tours. When I heard, that you now offer GPS 12 XL as an improved navigation tool with an included city database, I bought this tool 2 weeks ago.

Before buying I studied the german manual to be well informed about the differences between GPS 45 XL and GPS 12 XL.

But in the meantime I am upset!

Email für Garmin ...While driving I always used the highway page, where I appreciate (besides all other information, especially the "finish-line") the arrow beyond the graphic highway display, that indicates the direction to my next waypoint. Together with the "steer" it was an important navigation information.

But now in my brand new GPS 12 XL - the arrow has vanished! The german manual describes this arrow and its function - the english manual shows the reality: no more arrow. The indicator velocity made good (VMG) has vanished too.

So I must change to the compass page to get my arrow but now the CDI is missing. The german manual shows and descibes the CDI-bar - the english manual shows the reality: no more CDI-bar. To get my "finish-line" I have to change the page.

Next time I was shocked while I was using a route consisting of several waypoints. The GPS 12 XL did not alert when I reached my waypoints! It only alerted when I reached the destination of my route. Your manual confirmed my observation. Result: I missed several crossings.

All those functional reductions I found out let me come to the result: GPS 12 XL Software Version 4.00 is complete useless for off-road drivers!

The german manual is a book of fairy tales!

Is there a possibility to solve my problems ? I cannot imagine that I am the only person who struggles with these problems. Can I get an amended software version?

Best regards
S. Zerlauth