USS West Point:

In Memory ...


Auf Wunsch von Bill Lee hin, dem "inoffiziellen Historiker" der SS AMERICA und Autor etlicher unserer Beiträge über das Schiff, der auch unsere "Mission" im Jahr 2007 angeregt hatte, haben wir ein kurzes Erinnerungsvideo zu unserem damaligen Hubschrauberflug über das Wrack gedreht. Dieses Video ist den Veteranen der USS West Point gewidmet ...

Einige Kommentare ...

  • Many thank's for the very touching tribute to an extremely proud ship, and all those who sailed in Her.
    I feel honored to have had been a part of the team of shipbuilders who built and brought Her to life back in 1940.
    Neil Woodall
    Newport News Shipbuilding Co. (retired)
  • I thank you for holding the memorial service in the past, and for the lovely video tribute to the men and the ship.
    Meredith West
  • From the people of USA, thanks for such a moving video and tribute to a once beautiful,
    proud ship and the sailors and soldiers who sailed on her.
    We are loosing our WWII veterans at about 1500 a day.
    Thank God for the men of the greatest gereration (CSM)
  • I have followed the saga of the West Point through my friend and classmate, Bill Lee.
    Your video tribute is lovely - a very thoughtful dignified farewell - and most deserved by the men you have honored -
    Many thanks,
    Sudie Stultz
  • Very sad, but nice tribute. Good job.
    Jerry Lester
    Newport News Shipbuilding, retired
  • Thank you.
    Adrienne Koppenhaver
  • I was overwhelmed and humbled by what Sixta created, using my limited suggestions.
    I cannot thank both of you enough.
    Bill Lee
  • Excellent! Many thanks for posting. My late Grandad spent a few months aboard her, late `41 / early `42.
    Sadly, I`ve never managed to get over there to see the wreck (MoB)
  • I think your tribute to the USS WEST POINT was excellent and I thank you for remembering her.
    God Bless those who went before.
    Best wishes from Bill Lee's brother
    Howard Lee